Noise immission protection (noise prevention)

Noise immission protection takes into account people’s need for rest on the one hand and the desire for high mobility, development and productivity on the other hand. The focus is on the protection objective of the Federal Immission Control Act against harmful environmental effects caused by noise.

We prepare customized noise prognoses and noise propagation calculations with know-how and the latest software.

In urban development planning

  • Determination of the initial noise pollution level in the planned area
  • Calculation of emission and immission contingents in the planned area (noise contingency according to DIN 45691)
  • Planning and optimization of structural and organizational noise protection measures
  • Advice on avoiding noise conflicts in the preparation of land use and construction development plans

In licensing procedures/complaint procedures

  • Forecast of noise immissions within the scope of testing for compliance with the protection and precautionary measures for installations requiring approval and not requiring approval
  • Forecasts to determine the extent of exceedances of the immission guideline values in the affected neighbourhood
  • Forecasts for reviewing the effectiveness of noise protection measures
  • Determination of noise immission by measurements at places of immission and substitute places of immission according to the German government’s Technical Instructions for noise ( TA noise)