Airtightness measurements (BlowerDoor)

This measurement using the so-called BlowerDoor® is used to verify the planned airtightness and for quality assurance during the construction.

For the measurement, the BlowerDoor® (a ventilator) is installed in the door frame of the building to be examined and air is blown in or extracted. This creates a positive or negative pressure in the building. The airtightness of the building can be calculated by determining which volume flow rate is required to maintain a certain pressure difference. The calculated air tightness / air exchange rate provides information about the quality of the building envelope.

In addition to the actual measurement to determine the existing air permeability, it makes sense to check for leaks directly during the measurement if the air exchange rates are too high. We summarise the measurement results of the airtightness measurement for you in a measurement report.

Your advantages:

  • You are saving heating energy by reducing ventilation heat losses.
  • We find potential damage spots for you before damage occurs.
  • Lower costs for insulation layers by using BlowerDoor measurement

The measurement results are summarized for you in a detailed and clearly understandable measurement report