Building automation – heat recovery, rainwater utilization and future technologies

Modern technology for efficient building installations!

With our possibilities for building automation, the totality of monitoring, control, regulation and optimization installations in buildings, we make an important contribution for our clients to enable an independent and thus automatic execution of functional processes across all operation sequences. Optimum networking of all technical units in the building simplifies the operation and monitoring of the individual processes. In addition, with the appropriate know-how and an eye for the entirety of a building, extensive energy sources can often be tapped.

Heat recovery – from exhaust gases from heating, waste water, cooling units or machines – utilization of rainwater, but above all a combination of these and other systems are often sensible and economical options for reducing energy requirements and avoiding high operating costs in the long term.

The combination of these systems with conventional heat storage systems or forward-looking storage technologies such as ice or solar power storage systems are often worthwhile considerations with a high savings potential but require careful and serious planning.

We would be happy to take a look at your building and are your partner when it comes to building automation.